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Summary: They rule the city together.
Characters: Sam, Gabriel, Lucifer
Pairings: Gabriel/Lucifer/Sam
Tags: 1920s AU

You Can't Be Half A Gangster )
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Summary: Set in 1870s posh and high society England. The latter scene is loosely inspired by a scene in the 2009 Dorian Gray.
Word Count: 2067
Characters: Crowley, Sam, Dean Winchester, Balthazar
Pairings: Crowley/Sam, mentioned Balthazar/Crowley
Tags: NSFW (sex scene fade to black)

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Benny Lafitte and Dean Winchester are on the opposing sides of the American Civil War. But in their last moments, they get the chance to speak.
Word Count: 1035
Characters: Benny Laffite, Dean Winchester & Alistair, Sam Winchester, Jo Harvelle, Elizabeth.
Pairings: Benny/Dean
Tags: Character death

Writer's Block )
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Summary: Castiel is an abolitionist, one who was raised in the South as a child. He moved to the North in the years before the outbreak of war, and when he eventually fights for the Union army, facing the Confederacy is infinitely harder for him knowing he has to fight against the people he loves.
Word Count: 2,464 according to Microsoft Word
Characters: Castiel, Balthazar, Crowley, Michael
Pairings: unrequited (?) Castiel/Crowley
Tags: minor character death, slight violence, mentions of amputations if that makes you squeamish, Civil War AU

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Summary: Posing as an artist, Castiel has been sent to guard an exiled musician who could become Lucifer's vessel from the Devil's influence. It's a mission, and an important one, but as Castiel spends more and more time with the man, he finds himself not only fascinated by the books and music he surrounds himself with but also deeply attached to the man himself.
Word Count: 3,994
Characters: Castiel/James Novak, Lucifer/Nicholas Gordon, Margaret (Meg) Masters
Pairings: Castiel/Lucifer
Tags: Incest, Historical AU (Romantic Period)

Heartstrings )
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Summary: A 1940s-inspired Joannael fanmix and fanfic. Jo, a college student, meets cute lounge singer Anna, and their friendship turns into something more.
Word Count: 1,482
Characters: Jo, Bela, Anna, Dean, Ash
Pairings: Anna/Jo
Tags: AU, femslash, mentions of drinking

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Run Away )
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Summary: Fergus MacLeod is hired to make clothing for a wealthy -- if eccentric -- man who stops by Canisbay.
Word Count: N/A
Characters: Fergus MacLeod, Balthazar
Pairings: Balthazar/Crowley
Tags: Historic AU, Scotland (early modern era)

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Summary: Michael is a young Man of Letters and Dean Winchester is a hunter, they both work together to solve a mystery which connects the mob and an ancient being.

Word Count: 3020
Characters: Michael, Dean, Sam Wesson, Dick Roman (Ares), Jessica Moore, Bobby Singer, Ellen, Jo, Edger, Elias Finch, Gabriel, Nick (Lucifer).
Pairings: Dean/Michael
Tags: Historic AU, 1920s
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Speakeasy )


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